Monday, October 10, 2011

Ready for a Vacation

My husband and I are leaving tomorrow morning to go on a (much needed) vacation to Las Vegas for three days. I couldn't be more excited. I love my children, but I am worn out - in every sense of the word. We haven't left Aaron for more than one night since he was born, but my mom is here visiting and I know they will be fine with her. I'm afraid she might need a vacation when we get back though!

So, as much as I want to keep this blog up, I might just have to take a break from this for the next three or four days too. I just need to get away, rest and relax. Away from everything. So we're going to Vegas! That makes sense, right?! I really am excited about the trip. Even though there will be lots of other people there, we will have a great time and it will be a wonderful escape from our "real lives".

As we sat at our neighborhood restaurant eating dinner tonight - or should I say, shoveling bites of food into my mouth in between nearly constant attempts at keeping Aaron quiet - I kept thinking about how nice it will be to eat a meal at a restaurant and actually be able to enjoy a conversation with my husband. And eat my food before it gets cold.

I'll let you know what this mysterious thing called "relaxation" feels like when I get back.

Las Vegas Photos
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  1. I love to escape in Las Vegas. It is like adult Disneyland! I hope you really do relax poolside or whatever relaxes you. You need to recharge!