Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Boo! I'm Back!

Now that I don't feel an obligation to blog every day, it's hard to keep up with it again. In my defense, we have had an incredibly busy (even for us!) couple of weeks. Halloween, Jacob's birthday, two doctor's appointments, Jacob's birthday party, a day in the ER for mom and our usual schedule of therapy four times a week.

We are also in the process of trying to find a respite provider for Aaron and who knew how much time that would take up! Once we got the hours approved, my phone started ringing with dozens of offers from companies that have respite providers available. So now we get to start the process of weeding through them all, interviewing and choosing the best person for us. Interviews start tomorrow - wish me luck!

Halloween was a lot of fun for all of us. Jacob has gotten into being "scary" this year and decided he wanted to be a vampire. It was an easy enough costume. I found a black cape with a red lining at Michael's and he wore a white button up shirt and black pants. To add to the effect, we painted his face white/gray and painted blood dripping down his chin. He wore one of the half dozen pairs of vampire teeth that he owns and was a happy camper. I must say, I think he made a pretty good vampire.

We went trick or treating with one of his good friends from school, Ethan. He and Ethan also happen to share the same birthday - and his parents are named Matt and Kristi. Same spelling and everything - crazy, I know. Aaron dressed as a pirate and we pushed him in the stroller around the neighborhood. We had planned to let him get out and walk to a few houses, but there were literally HUNDREDS of kids on just one street in our neighborhood and it was just too hectic. He had a great time just looking at everyone though. Jacob loaded his plastic pumpkin up in a little over an hour and we headed home. It was a bit crazy since it was a school night, but we all had fun and we'll have enough candy to last until next Halloween at least.

In an effort to keep this post from looking more like a novel, I will write about Jacob's birthday party and the rest of our week in a separate post!

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