Wednesday, August 10, 2011

We've Got a First Grader!

Monday was Jacob's first day of school - First Grade! He wavered back and forth between excitement and anxiety, but ultimately was happy to start school. He has come home every day telling me how great school was and how he likes First Grade even more than Kindergarten.
His teacher is very sweet and has told me every day that Jacob is such a nice boy and very well behaved. This is her first year at his school, but she has been a First Grade teacher before. One of his best friends from last year is in his class this year. They were thrilled to find each other in the same class at Open House, so I think that definitely helped ease his anxiety.
It's hard to believe that my little boy is already in First Grade. But I'm not really sad about it. I know many of my friends don't want their kids to go back to school or grow up so fast, but I just don't feel that way. Jacob is very active and I think he is so much happier when he goes to school and gets to interact with his friends rather than being dragged around to his brother's therapy appointments all week. I enjoy not spending my entire day fussing at my kids because they are screaming at each other. It's not that they fight all the time when they are together, they are just so loud and active, it is a bit much sometimes. So I guess I'm the mom who is thrilled school has started again! If that makes me a bad mother, so be it. For the record, I think we are all happier when school is in session - even if Jacob won't admit it. :-)

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