Friday, July 15, 2011

Goodbye Atlanta, Hello Savannah

Yesterday we made the four hour trip from my parent's house in Atlanta to Matt's parent's house in Savannah. My mother and his father were kind enough to drive us to/pick us up in Macon so we wouldn't have to rent a car and make the trip alone. But it was still as terrible as I expected it to be.
Aaron just doesn't tolerate being strapped into a car seat for hours at a time and he has no problem letting us know how displeased he is. So he cried and screamed and threw most everything we handed to him for pretty much the entire trip. It was horrible and if you are ever unfortunate enough to have to travel with us, you will understand.
But we made it here and we all survived. I'm just glad I have blonde hair - if I'm going gray, you can't see it yet! We will be here in Savannah for another two weeks before we head back to Phoenix. Matt will be joining us next weekend and flying back with the boys and I, so hopefully that will make the trip at least a little easier.
While we are here we are hoping to spend time with family, see some friends, eat a lot of delicious seafood, see Harry Potter (okay, maybe that's just me) and enjoy our visit to one of the most beautiful cities in the world. 
I wasn't able to see everyone that I wanted to see while we were in Atlanta, so if I missed you, I am very sorry. Two weeks went by entirely too fast, we may have to make our trip a little longer next summer!


  1. It sounds like you guys have been having fun (other than the car rides)... isn't it great to get home and see everyone?!

  2. I'm so sorry about the loud trip! I know how that goes, but my kids fall asleep so I get some respite. Today I had to pack my kids in tight side by side thanks to my IKEA mirror that you MADE me buy. ;-) That was interesting. There was lots of touching! Loved seeing you! Let's do it again soon!