Monday, July 11, 2011

Georgia On My Mind

The boys and I have been back in Georgia for almost two weeks now. We have been in Marietta visiting my parents and are headed to Savannah to see Matt's family on Thursday. So far, it's been a great trip. The weather has been more difficult than I expected to get used to. Apparently I have acclimated to the hot, dry climate of Arizona already because every time I step outside here I feel like I'm in a sauna. I didn't expect it to affect me this much since I grew up in this weather, but apparently I was wrong. Oh well, at least it's not 120 degrees!

It's hard to believe it has been a year since we moved to Phoenix. We do miss our friends and family here and have had a great time visiting. But we are happily settled in Arizona now. Both of the kids are happy and well adjusted and Matt and I are too.

It is amazing how fast our trip has flown by already. I have so many friends here that I wanted to see and just wasn't able to. If you are one of them, hopefully we can work it out next time around. And you can always find me here, on Facebook or through email!

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