Thursday, December 8, 2011

Let's Hear it For Respite Care!

We finally started respite care last week. I hired two different respite care workers from the same agency (actually the same clinic where Aaron goes for OT, speech and feeding therapy). One of the girls came on Monday morning. It couldn't have worked out better, I was so pleased with her. She sat down and started playing with Aaron right away. I gave her some basic instructions about where things were, what I was going to be doing and she seemed quite comfortable. I decided to stay home since she hadn't ever watched him before and I want us all to be totally comfortable before I actually leave him home "alone". But I was able to stay in my room and write and get a few other things around the house accomplished. I heard Natasha (the respite provider) playing with Aaron, talking about colors and shapes, all sorts of things. He didn't fuss or look for me the whole time and he seemed very happy all morning. I am just so happy that it worked out so well. Hopefully the trend will continue!

The other girl I hired came for the first time yesterday and I was equally pleased with her. The whole morning went smoothly and both she and Aaron seemed comfortable. I was able to get a lot of work done and definitely felt more relaxed than I do on a normal day.

Both of them have already needed to cancel once on days they were supposed to come, but they both had significant and legitimate reasons. Hopefully it was just a fluke that they both happened within a week of each other and things will go more smoothly from here on out. Time will tell I suppose.

I am so glad it has worked out so well thus far. I don't want to get too excited, because I know as soon as I get comfortable something is going to come up and throw our routine out of whack again, but having this time is such a blessing to me. I can already tell that I am happier and so is Aaron when we aren't together 24/7/365. Having just a few hours on a regular basis makes such a difference. I can concentrate on other things I need to do without him pulling on my arm every 30 seconds and he gets undivided attention from the respite providers. I feel like I am able to devote more attention to him when we are together too because I'm not constantly trying to do everything else that needs to be done. Everyone told me I would say this, so I'll go ahead and say it : I should have done this sooner!

I don't know if I really believe that though. I think I did it now because I felt like we were both at a point where it was going to be good for us. And I don't think I could have said that six months ago. But there is no point looking back and thinking about decision that we could have made, all we can do is plan for the future and go with the decisions we did make.


  1. I am so glad you made that decision! You need that time, and it's an answer to my prayer that you've found people who can provide that for you and with whom you feel comfortable. YAY! Love you all so much!! =)

  2. I don't want to say...."I told you so...but I am going to!----I told you!". HOWEVER, having said that....I was in your place YEARS ago...and completely understand....everyone has their own journey and everyone has to figure it all out at their own pace. I am certain that you could have been happy a year ago if you had done it..but you weren't ready....and that is all that has to be said. You just do what you have to do....and hopefully you will take advice from people around you who have your best interest at heart. It takes a, more than most....need that village! Believe me....everyone will be happier if you are willing to accept the support from those who care about you and your wonderful family! Your family is beautiful....share Aaron with others. He will teach them SO much! I love your blog!